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Short Story 



A collective story of how we can enable humanity’s nervous system and take a leap step upward into a society which lives as an organism with collective reflexes and individual dreams.


A collective organism needs collective abilities.  Being intelligent or intuitive is not enough if you cannot pass and receive most of this knowledge further into a “biological” downloadable way, at scale.  


In Humanity’s first chapter of intelligent beings, language as we know it moved us up to this moment. From now on, we envision that moving further will not be just about moving bits of information at the speed of light from one place to another. 


It will be about being able to deeply and collectively integrate these bits of information into ourselves. And move it between us in an efficient and authentic way. Otherwise, the more we communicate, the worse it will get. 

adiem's mission is to reveal the deeper layers of human communication and expand empathy or communication band in larger and larger societal circles. 


There is a chance that if this does not become a collective mission, societies might not survive long.

Our shrinking attention and limited cognition becomes a barrier into transcending at the next level of communication.

Cutting information into smaller bite sizes or increasing the speed of reading by factor of X will not make a huge difference when trying to move this information from one to another. In fact, if alone,  will only accelerate the miss-understandings as the quality drops.

As information becomes more complex, each individual will be pushed into its own limited cognitive bubble where every bit  (word/syntax construction) will have a slightly different meaning when decoded. And a phrase will have a cumulative error of the words inside. 

In entropy terms, with the more sophisticated words of Stephen Wolfram, the founder of Wolfram Alpha answer engine,: "It’s all a story of the interplay between underlying computational irreducibility and our nature as computationally bounded observers".

This process is already happening but it is not visible as it is rarely checked. The short term consequences are not perceived as critical. When outside of our own knowledge bubble it is just an internal growing feeling of being misunderstood more often and more deeply while accumulating a communication fatigue.


As the informational flow widens, our  individual cognitive samples increase in diversification and size. Trying to reconcile these individual cognitive “realities”  and make a collective sense as a community at the same time require an updated system of communication. The “traditional” ones become inefficient. 

When challenged, we feel it as a growing trend of empathy fatigue or apathy for the most sensitive ones but as divergences become wider, they take all forms of conflicts.


Our shared intellectual truth goes deeper and requires more time, intellectual stamina to be discovered. Attention and cognitive capacity which are limited by design.


Long Story

There is a chance we live in a digital universe.


The digital universe hypothesis proposes that what we experience as reality is akin to a computer simulation in which humans themselves are constructs in a big computational machine, with very small "pixels.

Stephen Wolfram, computer scientist, Nick Bostrom, a Swedish philosopher at Oxford, John C Lilly, physician and psychoanalyst, Donald Hofmann, cognitive scientist, Elon Musk, engineer and entrepreneur or many other dead or alive figures support this theory. Some new scientific observations made by our team colleague Melvin Vopson are under peer reviews to assert there are evidences we live in a simulated reality with at least one rule: information entropy decreases in time, as opposed to mass entropy which increases in time. There is also a general model of computation proposed by Stephen Wolfram.

Yet, nobody knows what the purpose of this computation is. And most probably we will never find out. Could be similar to another kind of religion with forms of deities as  algorithms. In a proposed quest of trying to meet these algorithmic Gods, there is a chance to find clues. The clues can be found in the way digital (software) and biological (humans) forms of energy collide.  


adiem is a game we propose to play. Why? Firstly, to make observations and secondly, to use the observations to make our life more happy and interesting. 

During the game, you own and drive a bio-digital model of yourself (aka Halo) which is heart connected with you in real time via adiem app. 

During heart-connected sessions in adiem, your Halo interacts with real life data around you.

The "collision" between your Halo and real life Data is observed, measured, interpreted and sometime affected in beautiful and meaningful ways by Angels.  


Angels are essentially mobile, wearable and web apps sharing the user login and backend infrastructure with adiem (to train the Halo) but can evolve as separate business entities, each one deal with a particular interpretation about the data.​


The Halo is your unique bio-digital interface with data around. The Halo learns and develops as an entity, being trained by a suite of AI-powered applications, known as Angels, designed to enhance well-being and communication skills in areas such as emotional and cognitive  intelligence and social interaction.

Currently you can access your "work in progress" Halo by tapping on the link you receive by email after closing your adiem app session.


During the game, your Halo will interact with real life data and these data will get observed and interpreted by Angels who analyse how your heart data interacts with other data and creates patterns which are revealed to you.

Angels could be as abstract as a generative art or as concrete and practical as an evidence-based therapy.

Check upcoming Angels or create one with us in our Studio.


On the deepest, most abstract levels, the interactions between your Halo and the Angels reveal patterns with no apparent meaning like patterns of synchronicity or asynchronicity of your unique heart-generated bits interacting with the contextual-bits of data around. Or in other words patterns of entropy increase or decrease. We capture these patterns and reveal them in beautiful forms of generative art: visual, acoustic or haptic. 

Your passive role is to enjoy them.

Your active role is to observe these individual or collective patterns and find out correlations with what we call real world. Your real world. It is a game which in a sense reassembles Plato's "Allegory of the cave" but in digital format and 2,500 years later. Or you can look at these interaction like the individual human version of the Hadron Collider. Instead of colliding mass particles we collide your information particles with the ones around you.

On higher levels, more concret and practical, your Halo can interact with Angels that make use of existing meaningful patterns that take form of digital therapies or companions which not only can measure and label patterns (e.g. communication patterns such as empathy or resonance or emotions) but can and also affect these patterns using generative inputs, trained in bio-feedback data loops. Some of the Angels generate data that is peer reviewed by academic and scientific teams to build up evidence-based layers of observation. 

Long term, all our interactions with Angels train your unique, individual human model.


We design, build and deploy our own ideas of Angels but we also co-create with others at

The Studio operates with a new factory model, on a project-to-project basis in both centralised or decentralised guild formats.


Fly , Fall

Adiem's  does this by processing real time  heart and contextual data collected through wearable apps. 

Nowadays we can dynamically measures the real time ability to connect with others (Empathy) and the quality of interactions ( Resonance). It is a small step. 


Any living entity, including our human body, developed in time around the expanding capacity of its nervous system, the command center which is in charge to move information efficiently from in and out of its boundaries. 

Humanity stands up today in this position precisely because of our capability to move information around so efficiently and collaborate at large scale. 


As we as humans approach our individual cognitive cliff we should learn how to fly in order to not fall, when it comes to integrate and move information from one another.


If we were to observe ourselves as energy in motion, our connectivity  could be seen as an interaction of  waves : brainwaves, heart waves, all sorts of interfering mechanical or electro-magnetic waves.

Not only brains communicate. In fact, many organs have neuronal cells and “talk” to each other like the heart or gut . And the heart is 60X “louder” than the brain in this sense but very few technologies (music, dance and regrettably smoking) are focusing on how to tap into, understand and improve this communication at scale.

The challenge is to decode that language. The heart language.


Expanding Team


Victor Anastasiu founder 

Bogdan Moise co-founder board member

Nicolae Marcu co-founder, investor, advisor 

Andreea Udrea co-founder


Board Members

Stephen Seuntjens  board member, investor

Tim Juergens board member, investor

Jeremy Howick scientific board member



Jeremy Howick- advisor      

Dale Beerman- advisor 

Branislav Bibic - adviser

Alexandros Pagidas, advisor



  Matei Popa  DevOps (Kubernetes/AWS/DO)

  Radu Costin Fugaru- late founder backend (Python)

  Victor Kachalov- Health Kit 

  Alin Zdurlan - Swift UI

  Zinaida Anastasiu - UX/UI design

  Ilie Huban - design,video   

Dragos Roua - late founder web3



  Bruce - open GL

  Hiroki - open GL

  Migu - open GL


  Robbie Teehan- composer, musician

  Carina Tautu - film director  



Melvin Vopson - data physicist

Heather Mikulski - building evidence

Andreea Udrea - UPB 

Emilian Voiculescu - psychiatrist

The team has decades of entrepreneurship experience around the B2C digital health sector. 


Previously, we co founded globally successful digital therapeutics companies, with a strong social component such as

Skin Vision, 2M+ customers, global leader for hardware agnostic, skin cancer detection 

Gamblewise, smart time tracker for responsible gambling (500+ locations in UK) 

Sanvello ,  3M+ customers, global platform to improve mental health. 


Current Technology  Stacks

Currently, Angles of Empathy come in three Classes based on their objective and business model behind:

  • Generative Arts and Products: stimulate our senses and provide synesthetic experiences. They aim to increase sensitivity and empathy, and promote resonant interactions in individual and collective settings. Could be visual, acoustic, linguistic, tactile, olfactory or else. Synesthetic Merch available on

  • Companions : some Angels are more oriented to the right hemisphere of our brains analyzind data such as language, prosody, heart beats and more and assist us in hot to better communicate at a rational level.

  • Evidence Based Therapies : Some Angels can become recognized as a digital therapies, thus must undergo validation through scientific and clinical means. This process requires predictive data validating a hypothesis. An example of such Angels is our Keller, a Haptic Companion which showed an increase in Cognitive Empathy in a recent small batch study. 

Each Angel act as an independent venture with different founders sharing the same vision and complementary abilities to reveal and enhance human communication. 

Angels are powered by small data structures : (1) Core Signal (e.g. heart rate, ) and (2) Outer Signal (e.g. sunset, Friday)

  • a unique biometrical set of Core Signal (e.g. heart rate) of a person (anonymous)

  • a connected set of Outer Signal captured from the surrounding context of the person ( e.g. weather, noise, etc) 

Driven by the vision of enhancing empathy on a global scale, Adiem founded Synerative Studio - an new factory model that enables everyone to design, create, own and commercialise  Angels of Empathy. 


Generative Arts and Products


Evidence Based Therapeuthic Angels

Some Angels can become recognized as a digital therapies, thus must undergo validation through scientific and clinical means. This process requires predictive data validating a hypothesis. An example of such Angel is "Keller" a Haptic Companion which showed an increase in Cognitive Empathy in a recent small batch study. 

"Keller" is named after Hellen Keller, first deafblind person in the United States to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. Angel trained to stimulate higher levels of cognitive empathy using rhythmic sequences delivered at wrist using the haptic engine of the watch. 


Companions Angels

Angels more oriented to the right hemisphere of our brains analysing broader data signals such as language, prosody, heart beats and more and assist us in hot to better communicate at a rational level. 

We define our scientific focus at the intersection of the nervous system with sociology. Somewhere in the area of Collective Reflexology of  Vladimir Bekhterev  with modern tools.


Studying beat-to-beat variations during extended time frames and social contexts can help us develop the ‘alphabet’ of our mind body dialogs  as well as our inter-human interactions. Once we know the alphabet, we can start practicing it as we learn how to speak, opening an infinite pool of broad band communication, without the high dependability of a centralized piece of technology.


Humans are powerful beings and technology can help us wake up some of our hidden, dormant senses. We have to choose which ones. 


Angels of Empathy

  • Mobile App: Swift UI, running on iOS 14 up: iPhones 6s up  

  • Watch App: Swift UI, running on Apple watch series 4 up

  • WebGL / open Gl / for real time distributed synerativeArt

  • vvvv-multipurpose kit  for recorded or land based synerativeArt

  • Touchdesigner, MAX MSP

  • JS, glsl, shaders. p5js

  • Server / API : Python 3, Django web framework

  • Web applications: Next.js, React, Node.js

  • External APIs: Apple ID , Health KIT, Whisper, OpenAI,


Web 2 Cloud infrastructure : 

  • Amazon Web Services

  • IAC (infrastructure as code) based on microservices with: 

    • Terragrunt, Terraform, Kubernetes

Web 3 Blockchain: Eth/L2 smart contracts for Synesthetic NFTs

Bio-Generative, Synesthetic forms of art and architecture created to stimulate our senses and provide synesthetic experiences. They aim to increase sensitivity and empathy, and promote resonant interactions in a collective setting. Find early products here:

We collaborate with global conceptual artists from different cultures trying to bring back to life deep rooted rituals, re-shaped with vibrational, rhythmic expressions, engaging all our senses: haptic, visual or acoustic. Visual, sound and data processing engineers are teaming up into creating this form Bio Generative Art. 


Perceiving a sight hidden organic signal, such as the heart beat, through an additional sensory route such as visual, acoustic or haptic creates a synesthetic experience. Synesthesia is a perceptual phenomenon in which unified stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to involuntary experiences in other sensory or cognitive pathways. 


Repetitive conscious or subconscious exposure to our own heart beats as well as community heart beats or organic vibrations (earth/is subconsciously training our bodies into more empathic interactions, by teaching our hearts to “play” the collective beat.



Below is a high level framework to keep our direction while we navigate uncharted waters. It works both as for individual as for collectives and the idea behind it is that whatever process we design or decide we make we try to aim at the centre of  balance between the mind and heart of the individuals and the collective minds (patterns or science) and hearts (arts or cultures). 

Brain and Heart are just proposed symbols. Can be replaced with other opposed concepts like Left and Right (Brain Hemispheres), Patterns vs Unpatterns. Balance in a word.

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