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Is possible that our brilliant minds carry the inherited seeds of our potential end. Or shift.

Human conscious cognitive process is limited. By design. It crystallize its new neural paths ones a certain number of repetitions have past. This is a finite number.

Like new paths on virgin territories, the more people use the same road, the clearer the path will become for future explorers. Some will tend to follow the crystallized paths. Some will adventure to explore newer ones, unsatisfied by the mere existing ones.

This is a trivial comparison. But we act similar regardless of the construction of our roads. Roads within our minds or defined by our feet, as in the case of physical paths created by humans in virgin nature.

Our conscious minds run in an accelerating number of alternative paths at any given time. The only option for us is to instruct the conscious mind to go that way or the other. We do this decreasing the time we allow ourselves to analyze the outcomes of the several options. We are forces to trust more our subconscious.

The more we decrease the time, the more “emotional” we become. We will transit our conscious decisions to a deeper, more prepared level to handle these higher level size of contextual information.

We will sooner or later live in a world where every living person on the planet will move toward “gut” decisions. Because we don’t have time to analyze.

No conscious global therapy will be so efficient to treat our selves before this transition will diffuse globally. Partially because will over stimulate a mind already engaged at its peak. Today, with very small “local” threats (like couple therapies, yoga or dance) it takes months/years to see results on a consistent population fraction.

An ever decreased time to analyze potential future outcomes can create a down spiral effect. Superficiality will be at its peak, potentially leading to a global mind polarization . Every one would like to take its own more appropriate path towards a unique destination. The time required to conciliate collective paths will shrink by the weight of our infinite choices. In marketing is called the paradox of choice.

Allowing our minds to diffuse themselves into others.

It could be our individual crossroad to a both collective and individual existence.


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