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Love filters

Love (or Trust) requires to negotiate an inner battle between two opposite concepts.

One is an Authoritarian position. This is what our Brain rationality thinks is good and accepted by us. The other one is a Surrender position. An unconscious drive. We can say it is what our Heart feels for easier conceptualization .

Both Brain and Heart negotiate Authoritarian and Surrender positions on a continuous basis. Both as individuals or groups.

We have now the ability to train this skill of negotiation from the subconscious level. We can learn to handle unfamiliar concepts before becoming conscious. From the Heart level.

Once we learn to do this, those patterns will be then distributed within our bodies up to the Brain. Our Biology uses for this the neuroplasticity of our neural system.

We can imagine Love lives at the alignment of opposites.

Black and white, deep and high, bright and dark, man and women, heart and brain, wave and particle.

It lays at the singularity point where all our opposite notions coexist in perfect juxtapose.

Within a Goldilock zone.

In our being, it’s like seeing for the first time a perfect sun moon eclipse and realize the perspective depth.

A contemporary, mundane application to trigger this trustful behavior , could be this:

Imagine an Instagram filter.

A balanced Heart- Brain pattern will see equilibrated nuances and forms and patterns.

Instagram filter to balance the nuances of the pixels of pictures appearing in your feed.

Balancing compositions like colors, framings, intensities, etc.

Slightly affecting colors we could slowly balance one’s visual input. over an existing photo feed stream, toward a more equilibrated perception.

These patterns could be unconsciously absorbed and later rationalized by the user. Simply dragged along in life in a more balanced unconsciousness.

LOVE filters.


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